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Marco Raugi
Cognome e Nome
Raugi Marco
Professore ordinario
    Bio / CV

    Since 2000 Full professor of “Electrical Engineering” at the University of Pisa


    Computational Electromagnetics (Integral and differential formulations)

    Electromagnetic Compatibility

    Transmission lines analysis

    Wavelet Transform application to Computational Electromagnetics

    Non destructive testing. Magnetostrictive sensors

    Computational intelligence techniques for Smart Grid analysis

    Sustainable Energy Communities

     The research activity of Professor Marco Raugi has produced more than 250 publications in international journals and conferences. The achievements of his studies have been acknowledged by several invitations to international conferences as session chairman or chairman of the editorial board, and as author of invited speech and tutorials. 

    He was also General Chairman of two international conferences (PIERS Progress in Electromagnetic Research Symposium 2004 and IEEE ISPLC International Symposium on PowerLine Communications, 2007)

    He also received the 2002 Melcher Prize Paper Award from the IEEE-Industry Application Society.


    Professor Raugi was national principal investigator of Italian MIUR research programs PRIN 2003 and PRIN 2007 and principal coordinator of projects financed by banking foundations (Cassa Risparmio Pisa, Cassa Risparmio Livorno), ENI, GERG and several Italian SMEs.

     He has been Chairman of the International Doctorate of Applied Electromagnetics in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, Electronics, Intelligent Sensors, Nano-technologies. He has been first Head of the Department of Energy and Systems Engineering and later Head of the Department of Energy, Systems Territory and Construction Engineering (DESTEC). He has been reference member for the University of Pisa in the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA). He has been:

    •             Vice-Rector for Applied Research and Technology Transfer of the University of Pisa 

    •             Delegate for Sustainability of the University of Pisa

     He is currently:

    •             Head of the Interdepartmental Center for Research on Energy for Sustainable Development (CIRESS)

    •             Member of the Board of the Network of the Italian University for Sustainability (RUS)

    •             Chair Holder of the UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair “Sustainable Energy Communities”

     In 2017 he received the “Order of Cherubino” an academic honor given to full professors of University of Pisa who have significantly contributed to increasing the University prestige for particular scientific merits and who have made a significant contribution to the organization of the University having held important institutional posit