Progetto REHP-4-TUNE

Renewable Electric High-temperature Heat Pumps For Thermal Users in Neutral CO2 Environments

The project investigates a Power-to-Heat-to-Power (P2H2P) Energy System with cutting-edge technologies. It integrates a High-Temperature Heat Pump (HTHP) for P2H, a thermal user section, and an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for H2P conversion. The focus is on optimizing renewable electricity use and decarbonizing industrial thermal users, especially in the ceramic sector. Two universities and a research institution collaborate, aiming to identify optimal designs, conduct simulations, and assess performance in industrial contexts.


Responsabile Unità Operativa: Lorenzo Ferrari

Principal Investigator: Andrea De Pascale

Capofila: Università degli Studi di BOLOGNA


Lorenzo ferrari

Professore associato