The energy FLEXibility of enhanced HEAT pumps of sustainable buildings for the generation - PRIN: PROGETTI DI RICERCA DI RILEVANTE INTERESSE NAZIONALE – Bando 2017 Prot. 2017 KAAECT Associate Investigator: Daniele Testi

The project aims at giving a breakthrough contribution to the reduction of the carbon footprint due to energy consumption for buildings heating and air conditioning, through an integrated approach that goes beyond the state of art. The research products will define the roadmap for the competitiveness of different buildings and of the most innovative heat pumps solutions for renewable energy integration.

The project will be based on an extensive experimental database collected on different types of buildings and kind of use. Dynamic simulation of the building-plant system will be validated basing on experimental measurements carried out in the laboratory on heat pumps operating with innovative environmentally friendly refrigerants.

The use of "hardware-in-the-loop"techniques will allow combining energy simulation with multi-objective optimization techniques, through the definition of an innovative Dynamic Cycle Test protocol. Accordingiy, it will be possible to select the mix of solutions concerning the building envelope, the various plant subsystems as well as the control approaches that are optimal from minimizing energy consumption under given climatic conditions and building type and use.

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