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PE2 - NEST - Spoke 5

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Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza MISSIONE 4 COMPONENTE 2 (Investimento 1.3 – Avviso pubblico per la presentazione di Proposte di intervento per la creazione di “Partenariati estesi alle università, ai centri di ricerca, alle aziende per il finanziamento di progetti di ricerca di base”)

This spoke will focus on the development of innovative materials, components and devices for the electric, thermal and energy conversion systems which accounts for most of the primary energy consumptions worldwide. In addition, implementation of artificial intelligence, big data analysis and digital twin to conversion system will be developed both for commercial technologies and proto-commercial ones to improve systems.

The final goals of the activities are:

  • Improve the efficiency of conversion devices so to increase flexibility and penetration of renewable energy sources
  • Reduce the CO2 emission and primary sources exploitation so to reduce the environmental impact of energy conversion processes
  • Move innovative and breakthrough technologies from low TRL to validation at laboratory level.

Energy conversion activity targets all the potential conversion systems aiming at reducing the environmental footprint of energy exploitation as well as increasing the renewable energy penetration in all the sectors.

WP5.1. Components and devices for electric conversion. Development of innovative power electronics converter and electrical drives to enhance the renewable energy penetration, the system efficiency and flexibility

WP5.2. Components and devices for thermal conversion. Adoption of alternatives to enhance heat transfer in thermal conversion systems aiming at improved heat exchange phenomena

WP5.3. Components and devices for energy systems. Development of Innovative thermodynamic cycles to operate with e-fuels or hydrogen and next generation renewable energy plants

WP5.4. Artificial intelligence, big data and digital twin applied to energy conversion. Adoption of Artificial Intelligence, big data analysis and digital twin to enhance the energy conversion technology when accounting for exogeneous parameters and conditions.

Coordinator: POLIMI


Start date: November 2022

End date: October 2025

Duration: months: 36


Unipi role: 

UNIPI will contribute to the following tasks:

  • Innovative solutions for power electronic converters to increase efficiency, flexibility and reliability of the electric grid
  • Enhancement of grid-connected power converters control for renewable energy sources
  • Identification of innovative electric machine and related control solutions
  • Design methodology and realization of Integrated dc-dc converters for scavenging renewable energy sources
  • Identification of the HP architecture and working fluid for systems operating with temperature lift above 100°C
  • Enhancement of heat transfer in thermal conversion systems
  • Innovative manufacturing for high temperature (above 800°C) low cost heat exchangers
  • Optimization of innovative fuels use in combustion engines
  • Identification of innovative thermodynamic cycle and chemical loop for renewable based power plant
  • New energy conversion technologies integrated with renewable generation
  • New technologies for CO2 mitigation and conversion
  • Simulation code for innovative liquefaction system




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