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Progetto DOCTORATE - Dab converter with wOund Core Transformer fOR fAsT chargE x

CUP - I57H21010790003

Progetto finanziato nell'ambito della RICERCA di SISTEMA ELETTRICO NAZIONALE (Bando B) Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Sicurezza Energetica

A significant spread of electric mobility requires a charging infrastructure distributed throughout the territory with high power (a few hundred kW) DC (Level 3) Fast Charging Stations (FCS Fast Charging Stations) with isolated DC/DC converters to ensure galvanic separation between input and output stage. Additionally, the use of electrochemical storage systems for power grid management and renewable generation requires connecting different voltage devices to a single DC busbar. All these emerging applications imply the availability of DC/DC converters with electrical decoupling between the two ports. Therefore, a demand for these high quality DC/DC conversion devices is emerging, in terms of performances such as a wide flexibility of control of the transformation ratio between the two voltage levels, low losses, low noise level, as well as an increasing power density and reduction of specific costs. The operating principle of these converters is common to the various types: they use one or more electronic switches to power the primary winding of a transformer with a variable voltage (generally at high frequency). An output stage has the task of rectifying and possibly filtering the high frequency harmonics in the induced voltage. The key factor that allows high power densities in isolated converters to be achieved is the high frequency which controls the switches.

The objective of the DOCTORATE project is the design and realization of a prototype DC/DC converter for FCS applications, but suitable also for other power applications, with the following specifications:

  • power not less than 200 kW;
  • bidirectional with galvanic isolation between the two ports;
  • use of electronic components type WBG (Wide BandGap) and isolation transformer with wound core able to ensure low losses and high-power density.  

The use of the particular type of transformer with wound magnetic core without air gap, in addition to the reduction of losses, allows the introduction of a highly automated production process with a significant reduction in costs.


Durata 24 mesi


Partner coinvolti:


  • Newton Trasformatori SpA (Capofila)
  • Energy to come E2C srl
  • DESTEC – Università di Pisa
  • DIEF - Università di Firenze

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